Our Body Scrubs

Life began with a single cell. A spark out of darkness emerged and spread until the light gave life a purpose. Gods & Grit began with a passion for the bonds that connect us all; the human spirit embedded in our DNA, acting as an invisible connection throughout all mankind. Each one of us has a glorious purpose, divine in our own right. Gods & Grit is built upon this exacting premise: "cleanliness is next to godliness." Self-care lends itself to allowing us to let go, if only for a moment, to be our truest and greatest selves.

With this, our brand was founded to inspire a sense of pride by promoting good hygiene and healthy habits. Gods & Grit helps you ignite an everlasting spark to inspire you to keep going, regardless of the obstacles you may face with a newfound confidence.

Gods & Grit is a premium skincare and lifestyle brand aiming to create something lasting and different within the health and wellness space. For us, we aim to meet the standard of Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates by deliberately and consistently delivering quality products with a divine purpose. It is our goal to continue to create skincare that embodies the spirit of empowerment. Our products are a manifestation of our brand; high-quality and effective. With each new experience shared by our customers, we are encouraged to strive for perfection while continuing to help others look and feel their absolute best.

Our passion for clear, bright skin skin led us to Gods and Grit. Perfecting our products forced us to create a space to share our brand with others. Explore our offerings and take that leap of faith. Each day and each moment truly does matter. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase our brand and products to you today. 

//  Written by the Gods & Grit Collective


"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."

// Aristotle