Bath Versus Shower? Which Do You Prefer?

A good shower or bath soothes the soul. After a long day, water just has this way to settle your body and mind that not much else can. Gods & Grit was built on the importance of water and exfoliation. Our customers use both showers and baths to help clean, exfoliate, and alleviate the stresses of our modern, often fast paced lives. We are reaching out to our community, asking a simple yet powerful question that many people ponder. If you had one choice, do you take a shower or bath? For many, this is a polarizing question. Sometimes they prefer a shower but on other days, a bath. In the spirit of finding the god-like spirit within us all, we are seeking help to summarize this daunting question to help us create better, more innovative products within our industry.

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I love clean healthy skin care products! :)

Tiffany August 16, 2020

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